FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you all offer wholesale? Yes, we offer wholesale at our Pahrump, Nevada store and have dedicated wholesale reps ready to help you fulfill your order with us. Give us a call at the store here:

2. What kinds of fireworks do you sell?
Area 51 Fireworks sells 1.4G consumer grade fireworks. Please see our complete list of fireworks here : (Insert Link)

3. What fireworks have the biggest and loudest displays? For the best BANG for your buck, we would recommend the Excalibur and Reapers Doom. These are artillery shells offer a package with 24 assorted 60-gram shells. Each shell has a different effect with a loud break spread as wide as 200 feet.
4. How long do cakes fire?
The amount of time that your cake fires depends on the number of shots your cake offers which can range anywhere from 16, 19, 25, 36 or 49 shots and some can come with even more. Cakes with more shots tend to last longer and a typical cake will last between 20-40 seconds.

5. Are sparklers safe for kids?
Sparklers are safe for children only under adult supervision! Never leave a child unattended with fireworks.

6. Where is your store located?

We have three stores in the U.S. Our main store is located in Pahrump, Nevada. The physical address is 138 E. HIGHWAY 372 Pahrump, Nevada 89048.

Area51 New Hampshire: 7Brown Ave. West Chesterfield, NH 03466

Area51 South Carolina 3620 Festival Dr. Fort Mill, SC 29708

7. What are your stores hours?
Regular store ours are 8am-9pm. Area51 Fireworks is open year-round.
Please note that our hours vary during season. 

8. What brands of fireworks do you all sell?
At Area51 Fireworks we sell Alien Brand, Brothers, Jakes, Cutting Edge Boomer & more.